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Practicus AI tutorial

Welcome to Practicus AI hands-on tutorial.

Topics covered in this tutorial

This tutorial will help you get started with the below topics using Practicus AI

  • Explore and Analyze Big Data
  • Build AI models using AutoML
  • Make predictions using AI models
  • Data preparation to manipulate data interactively

How can this tutorial help you?

Non-technical Users

You will learn to be self-sufficient for most AI and Big Data tasks. If things get complicated, you will also learn to effectively collaborate with technical-users.

Semi-technical Users

Can you write SQL or Excel formulas? In addition to the above, you will also learn to extend the functionality quite a bit.

Data Scientists

If you are ok to click for some tasks, this tutorial will teach you to accelerate plenty, especially for data prep. If you are a die-hard coder, you can use Practicus AI to get support from others, especially domain experts, for data discovery, preparation, quality, and model consumption.

Data / ML Engineers

You can use Practicus AI as a modern and interactive ETL tool. You will also get clean production ready code for all the tasks (Data + AutoML + Predictions) that others perform, technical or not.

Big Picture Summary

The below is a summary of what this tutorial will cover and for whom. Please check our documentation for other topics.

Before we begin

If you are viewing this tutorial inside the Practicus AI app, you can right-click the tutorial tab and open it inside your browser as well. This can be useful if you would like to view the tutorial side-by-side with the app.

open in browser

Let's get started!

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